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09-11-12, 02:54 AM
Welcome to this compilation. This is a chart of successful breeding combinations. This compilation is a joint effort of koolkat555 and I. Please use this only for reference. Avoid posting so that the compilation remains easy to refer. Thank you . :-)

09-11-12, 03:48 AM
Evolved tree Rex and evolved blue blog = ecogoo 5 hours
Palmwing and sea buffalo = ecogoo
4 blue blob 4 dream bird = wavewing 14 hrs ( also known as water and air)
4 dream bird 4 tree Rex = palmwing
Firefox is by purchase
4 Firefox 4 tree Rex = leaf lion 16 hrs
Sea buffalo and wavewing = leaf lion
Sea buffalo and palmwing = leaf lion
4 Firefox 4 blue blob = sea buffalo 8 hrs
4 Firefox 4 wavewing = griffin 18 hrs
Sea buffalo and palmwing also gives a griffin
8 sea buffalo 7 wavewing = shell lizard 20 hrs
Leaf lion and wavewing = shell lizard
Ecogoo and griffin = shell lizard
7 dream bird 6 shell lizard = sky turtle 6 hours
6 shell lizard 7 Firefox = cuddle crab 15 hrs
7 shell lizard 7 tree Rex = shraptor 12 hrs
7 shell lizard 7 blue blob = tongue toad 9 hrs
Sea buffalo epic and epic palmwing = DIAMOND PEGASUS (44 hours)
Epic griffin and epic ecogoo also gives the diamond pegasus
Sea buffalo and shraptor also is another successful combo for diamond
Sky turtle and ecogoo also can produce the diamond Pegasus
Phoenix and medusasaur = diamond Pegasus
Palmwing and fur ball too
6 shell lizard and 4 Firefox = cuddle crab
8 shell lizard and 8 blue blob = king clam 22 hrs
Same combination at level 4 have also given king clam
10 Firefox 7 leaf lion = inferoo 10 hrs
tree Rex and Firefox = inferoo
Sea buffalo and palmwing = inferoo
10 Firefox 10 sea buffalo = birdball 8 hrs
Blue blob and dream bird = birdball
Wavewing and leaf lion = bird ball
Sea buffalo and palmwing
10 Firefox And 8 blue blob = fur ball 7 hours
Sea buffalo and palmwing = fur ball
Diamond pegasus and griffin = Phoenix 12 hrs
Palmwing and sea buffalo = Phoenix
10 birdball 10 palmwing = medusasaur 18 hrs
Palmwing and sea buffalo medusasaur
10 shell lizard 6 shraptor = forest scarab
10 shell lizard 7 dream bird = eguana

09-11-12, 11:59 PM
For comments and suggestion please post in the original breeding advice thread !

09-12-12, 01:27 PM
Shraptor and griffin = diamond Pegasus
Dream bird and shell lizard = eaguana
Blue blob and griffin = shell lizard
Phoenix and blue blob = shell lizard
Dream bird and tree Rex = Mosstrich
Eaguana and forest scarab = Mosstrich
Palmwing and tree Rex = Mosstrich
Two palmwings = Mosstrich
Two cuddle crabs = hermit cat
Shell lizard and fire fox = hermit cat
Firefox and cuddle crab = hermit cat
Shell lizard and cuddle crab too
Leaf lion and wavewing = inferoo
Griffin and ecogoo = medusasaur
Griffin and Firefox = Phoenix
Shraptor and diamond Pegasus = forest scarab

This completes compilation as on date. Next compilation henceforth will be on every Friday.

09-14-12, 11:11 AM
Inferoo and leaf lion = burn bark lizard
Inferoo and Firefox = burn bark lizard

09-15-12, 04:51 AM
Since you have been constantly spamming your 'view my thread' everywhere, I can't help but point this out:
The nature of your list is far from complete which results in painting a picture that these have a 100% chances. They do not.
An Inferoo + Firefox can result in: Leaf Lion, Inferoo, or Burnbark Lizard. I dont need to try and breed monsters to know this.
It is simple formula of pick two types from parents and you get the offspring's type.
What would be far more useful is trying to do research into techniques that can boost the probability of getting a specific monster. Like if my both my parent monsters have a green name am I more likely to have a green hybrid monster.

09-15-12, 05:23 AM
As the thread suggests this only a compilation of breeding combo from a particular thread. These combos are only those which have yielded results to one or the other. This was not guess work. Obviously no game will give you result on first try which will make the game boring. Each combo has to be tried a number of times. My only endeavour is to help those who look for alternative combos. Pls see diamond Pegasus has more than 4 combinations. It depends on which works for whom. Any one is free to post in the forum. If u have your own thread and you don't like my posting, I won't. The object of posting the link was only help everyone. Pl note I do not gain anything from this. Thanks for your time here.

09-21-12, 05:06 AM
Blue blob and diamond Pegasus = sapphire kraken

09-28-12, 11:20 AM
Dream bird and eaguana = shellwing
Sky turtle and dream bird = shellwing

10-13-12, 12:37 PM
Pegasus + Firefox = ruby manticore

10-28-12, 12:57 PM
Medusasaur and tree Rex = frankenogre

10-31-12, 12:32 PM
Ecogoo and tree Rex = frankenogre

11-22-12, 09:01 AM
Hermit cat and Phoenix =gobbledegoo

12-19-12, 06:49 AM
Tree Rex + bird ball = pumpkin