View Full Version : Level 40 is driving me crazy!

09-10-12, 01:06 PM
How on EARTH are you supposed to beat this level?!

09-13-12, 05:14 AM
Anyone out there, please help. Been stuck on level 40 for more than a week. Please, please help. :mad:

09-27-12, 07:08 PM
I believe you know the basic skills such as aiming upper bubbles.You definitely need extra bubbles without luck. Even with extra bubbles, you have to try several times until you get a good color arrangement. Sometimes you have a simple and connected color arrangement at the last stage of freeing babies. If you get that, it's the time to pass! I'm still trying to get 3 stars with rainbow bubbles, but can't figure out how to get a high score. I accidentally reached near 3-star, but never got close again.....:p (To collect free coins, I always keep one easy but high return level at 2-star on purpose....)

10-06-12, 06:37 AM
Work your way at the sides. Aim to shoot high on the hour glass wall thingy. Just keep working on the sides, and get rid of the empty hour glass looking walls. Don't try to pop the rows of bubbles, you will use to many bubbles. Once you 'break' the hourglass walls, the rows will fall away. I have 2 stars here, but haven't tried for three yet.