View Full Version : iPad app uses different monsters...may be a reason for all the mix-ups

09-09-12, 07:11 PM
I have a Dreambird hatching right now that is taking 18 hours. Totally weird. I logged into the forum to see what I could learn, and found all the posts about strange breeding times, etc.


My husband downloaded the Monster Story app for iPad on Friday. His first blue egg was a Sea Buffalo that took 30 seconds. Then the green egg was a Shraptor. Tree Rex and Dreambird look to be hybrids. His game is totally different in terms of the monsters, as if they have all been switched around. I wonder if this a reason or cause for all the weirdness.

Hope it gets straightened out soon.

09-09-12, 08:01 PM
Since the last update that happen Friday night there are 2 different kinds of common monster now you got a blue blob breed time 30 seconds that is the color blue and you have a bobbie that is a blue hybrid 2 colors that takes alot longer to breed and same as other commons