View Full Version : Inactive Players\Neighbors

09-09-12, 11:01 AM
Is there a way to tell if a player is no longer playing and therefore not responding to your requests for materials?

At first I thought egg count but then I realized that some people play the game every day but just don't play with other peoples dragons. I have one neighbor I trade gold with every day and he/she has no egg's! So, egg count to me is a measure of how social a player is and not, if they are an active player!

I often look to see if they are breeding, nesting or, evolving anything new but then realized (after a small hiatus of my own) that when the dragons are done they will not automatically go back into the habitat.

Does anyone have any suggestions beyond creating a list to track changes in the color of the evolving chamber, dragons in the den, eggs in the nest, and player level?

09-09-12, 11:52 AM
When nbrs return requests they are now listed in news feed. I post on nbrs walls when they gift, tip or return requests, then once a month I do a nbr sweep where if I dont find one of my posts on their wall they get deleted. I have just done this and cut my nbr list by half. Some nbrs keep their wall clear which usually means they are daily players who return requests and tip. Hope this helps :)

09-09-12, 02:07 PM
Wow great system thanks that helps alot! I wish the game made it a bit easier to track the people that aren't playing but I guess they think that there is a good chance these people will buy gold or something IDK but it makes the game worse for those of us that do play and are probably more likely to spend money on the game.