View Full Version : Level 80 bubble mania help

09-08-12, 05:51 PM
I can get the first section done but I keep loosing all bubbles in the second section.
Is there a trick to this level?

09-09-12, 12:21 AM
I'm now past this level

09-27-12, 08:09 PM
Please share with us how you did it! I am stuck on this level.

10-24-12, 11:51 AM
I need help

01-19-13, 03:42 PM
I'm stuck on this level.

01-21-13, 08:17 AM
This level is divided into 3 sections. In the first two sections I choose the side where there are more + bubbles than poison bubbles and cleared that side. I then used the wall to hit the star bubble with the color above that is holding all the black bubbles. When you choose the side that gives the most bubbles, you should easily have enough to complete the top level.