View Full Version : Earn money quicker???

09-08-12, 03:20 AM
I have just completed the recent update and I don't see any change to earning money except the amounts are lower....
Last night before I went to bed I set it to earn money for the 8 hour one which was at $7600. This morning I collected but it was only $4000. I then did the update and the amount for 8 hours is now $4000 and there is still the only the 3 options - 2 minutes, 2 hours and 8 hours. How exactly do we earn money quicker like the update claims??

Also the update claims to have fixed bugs, I like so many others have that stupid interior door in my main room with no way to remove it, I guessed it was a bug/glitch but it's still not fixed and there are still no options to remove it. I saw they have removed the option in the menu to place it but I still don't see how to remove it. When is that bug getting fixed cause I'm sick of looking at it??

09-08-12, 03:26 AM
Also claimed to have goals.... There are no new goals! I have completed all of the previous ones except the pool one but I'm halfway through building that so it will be completed too

09-08-12, 06:03 AM
I think the mention of goals was to entice people who don't have the app yet to download it, as the goals we got a couple weeks ago would be "new goals" to them.

Also, the update has nothing to do with the decrease in coins. They falsely advertise that you earn money faster but I have yet to install this update and my job value was slashed in half anyway.