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09-07-12, 07:50 PM
I recently had an issue with my iphone and apple replaced it. I backed up the other and restore this one from back up but
The game started from level 1 how can i get my other game if its possible. I mean whats the point of creating an account if u just lose all ur progress.

09-07-12, 07:53 PM
This thread has several ways to transfer http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?11887-PLEASE-READ-How-to-Transfer-to-a-New-Device

09-07-12, 08:09 PM
Thanks m8. Really helpfull info. I try googleing it and used search on forum but didnt take me to this that page. Anyways thanks again.

09-08-12, 10:00 PM
One quick question. Is it possible to transfer a monster story account? I dont see the game as an option.