View Full Version : Building rooms - problem

09-07-12, 02:25 AM
Hi there, I am currently building a room 6x10, and before it will even start constructing you need to collect all the parts to build.
Something strange is happening and it keeps coming up with a green tick to show that's it's ready. It stays ready for about 2 mins and then it refreshes Again and is back to waiting for me to collect parts. Is anybody else having this problem???
Please team lava can you please fix. Your games are great but there are so many problems in this game.

09-07-12, 05:33 AM
I raised the issue a while ago and I believe TL is aware of it by now. It's one of the most annoying glitches there is. It occurs even after you have the parts...every time I try to check how much time is left the room completes itself, then refreshes.