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09-05-12, 12:52 PM
Well if you are wondering how to breed a specific monster this will explain how breeding works (to the best of my knowledge, and based on my observations after playing this game for a month). Note the % chances are all guess and are only intended to give you an idea of what to expect.

General breeding notes:
- To get a specific hybrid the parents must contain the types.
- In the event there are two monsters with the same type (order does not matter) then there is a chance for each based on the rarity.
- If the parents have three or more types then you can get any two type combination of the parents types.
- If the parents have three or more types then you have a small chance of getting a shell lizard
- If the parents have four types then you have a small chance to get a diamond pegasus
- Parents that share a type does not affect probabilities
- Parents level does not affect probabilities
- Parents order does not affect probabilities
- Parents rarity does not affect probabilities

An example of this in action:
Assumption: 90/10 ratio for common to rare when applicable
Two examples:

If parents are Palmwing + Ecogoo = Yellow/Green + Blue/Green possible results:
Yellow/Green - Common = 32.2% for Palmwing
Yellow/Blue - Common = 28.98% for Wavewing
Yellow/Blue - Rare = 3.22% for Birdball
Green/Blue - Common = 28.98% for Ecogoo
Green/Blue - Rare = 3.22% for Medusasaur
White - Rare = 3.4% for Shell Lizard

If parents are Palmwing + Sea Buffalo = Yellow/Green + Red/Blue possible results:
Yellow/Green - Common = 15.95% for Palmwing
Yellow/Red - Common = 14.5% for Griffin
Yellow/Red - Rare = 1.45% for Phoenix
Yellow/Blue - Common = 14.5% for Wavewing
Yellow/Blue - Rare = 1.45% for Birdball
Green/Red - Common = 14.5% for Leaf Lion
Green/Red - Rare = 1.45% for Inferoo
Green/Blue - Common = 14.5% for Ecogoo
Green/Blue - Rare = 1.45% for Medusasaur
Red/Blue - Common = 14.5% for Sea Buffalo
Red/Blue - Rare = 1.45% for Furball
White - Rare = 3.3% for Shell Lizard
Diamond - Ultra Rare = 1% for Diamond Pegasus

09-05-12, 02:11 PM
Wow, thanks. I find the percentages really helpful. :)

09-06-12, 06:37 AM
I have bred 51 times and got 3 rares (2 types)
so chances for a rare are not 10% but closer to 5%.
If they were fair that is, but I doubt it. I (and a friend) got the shell lizard first try, and no more after that. I also got the rares in the first few breeds, no rares in the last weeks. Percentages don't seem to work in this game.

09-06-12, 07:08 AM
Hence why I put the assumption in my original post just to help people visualize the mechanics. The bazaarness of how the random works in this game makes it near impossible to pin point the exact probabilities. I can see the rareness being somewhere between 5-10% depending on how lucky or unlucky you are.

09-06-12, 07:55 AM
Well I must be really unlucky then. I have bred the shell lizard and tree Rex and 25 times I've gotten the shraptor. Ugggggg