View Full Version : Lowered expansion prices?

09-05-12, 12:47 AM
I went from paying near 300k for the next expansion to only having it as 165k. Not that I'm complaining but is my game the only one that's glitched here?

I still have the Eagle Dragon showing as the Forest Scarab too.

09-05-12, 03:41 AM
Have you compared your expansion costs against the expansion cost chart in the reference thread? You should only be seeing 300k for an expansion if you have expanded over 36 times. Were you getting 300k before that? Or are you much later into it and have noticed a drop?

09-05-12, 07:37 AM
Nope. First poster is correct. My last expansions were over 100k. Yesterday my next expansion was gonna cost 115000. Today I only paid 75000 for it and 8 maps. Yesterday I also needed 12 maps but today it's 8.

Also... Cost of nests went up from 250 gold to 500 today too on mine.

09-05-12, 07:47 AM
My numbers were a little off...but it definitely dropped. I just cleared my 27th spot for the price of the 24th spot.

24. 165,000; 32 Maps; 16 Hours
25. 172,500; 32 Maps; 16 Hours
26. 180,000; 32 Maps; 16 Hours
27. 187,500; 32 Maps; 16 Hours

09-05-12, 07:48 AM
And only 16 maps. Not 32.

09-05-12, 08:02 AM
Agreed.... my next tile went from 90k down to 54.5k.

09-05-12, 09:04 AM
They did us a favor :D

I'm more used to them raising prices lol

09-05-12, 09:05 AM
they should do that in home design...where its needed

i dont think it was needed in monster story

09-05-12, 09:39 AM
I guess this means all my expansion numbers have been shot. I will check this once my current one finishes which will be in 12 hours.

09-05-12, 10:03 AM
they should do that in home design...where its needed

i dont think it was needed in monster story

Agreed... but I stopped playing that game because it was becoming a hassle with all the bug issues they were having. I will more than likely redownload it once they polish it a bit more. Although I am not complaining about Monster Story's changes so far.

09-05-12, 02:18 PM
Wow, I think I agree with all of you, I'm not sure about the actual prices, but I know that the quantity of maps got lower so thank you TL. Now only they can do this to the nest.

09-06-12, 03:34 AM
Yep... just confirmed my next expansions went from:
34. 270,000 40 Maps
35. 240,000 40 Maps

I am very grateful for this, but I would rather they shave off a million off of the huge mossrock and 3 million off the lava pool