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09-04-12, 02:02 PM
If you are thinking of buying coins using gems I have a little tip. I am on level 23 and my two hour contract gives 2000 coins, if I use gems to hurry it up it costs me 10 gems.

To buy coins it cost 20 gems for 1700 coins, so I am much better off hurrying up my two hour contract rather than buying coins... More coins half the gem cost.

I did this as my next expansion is 61000 coins and I will be at it for weeks to earn that much.

Hope this helps others..

09-05-12, 12:58 PM
I did a little math on this to translate expansion costs into REAL dollar amounts....I looked up the price of gems. (Just out of curiosity... I have never bought gems and never will.). The best price I saw was 1400 gems for $49.00.

Here are the real dollar amounts for expansions (if your on level 23)

Expansion 1 (1,000 coins) or $0.25
Expansion 2 (21,000 coins) or $3.68
Expansion 3 (42,000 coins) or $7.36
Expansion 4 (62'000 coins) or $11.04
Expansion 5 (83,000 coins) or $14.53
Expansion 6 (103,000 coins) or $18.03

FYI... the original 1400 gems are gone and then some... Time to get out the credit card again!!!

Expansion 7 (124,000 coins) or $21.70
Expansion 8 (144,000 coins) or $25.20
Expansion 9 (164,000 coins) or $28.70

Okay, I'm going to stop now because I'm getting nauseous. Each expansion will cost $3.68 more than the previous expansion. There are 19 total expansions. The final expansion will cost about $65

grand total for all 19 expandion is about ... $620.00

Too rich for my blood :). I'll go collect coins now.

*all numbers are approximate