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09-03-12, 03:52 PM
I am working on getting the first place cup on all levels. Totally addicted lol but I can not get the first place on levels 3 and 4. Has anyone done it ?? What am I missing Doh! I feel so silly

09-03-12, 05:32 PM
OK, as long as you don't laugh back...

It took me a few tries to get 3 stars on lvl 4 again. The main thing to know is that dropping the bubbles results in more points than popping them. So, in lvl 4, try to bounce your bubble against the wall around the large group hanging down to pop the few bubbles attaching the group to the top. The more you can make drop (rather than pop), the higher the score. In lvl 3, there is only one group of bubbles that can be dropped while playing. It is the group without a baby in it's color on the far left. When you pop the color line right next to it, the far-left group will drop to the ground.

Hope this can help you; give it a try and let us know what your results are.

Good Luck!!

09-03-12, 10:15 PM
Thank u off to try... I only have these two and two higher ones to get all of the cups ...Driving me nuts

09-04-12, 12:21 AM
Ugh I can three star easy. But just can't get the numer one spot...

09-05-12, 04:44 PM
Omg just got the trophy on level four.. Thank u the aim for the top worked... Now just need to crack level three. I can get 32900 but can't make it to 33000....

It's getting more embarrassing lol

09-07-12, 04:37 AM
I'm top on level 8.