View Full Version : Moustache dye?

09-02-12, 01:22 PM
What does everyone keep on asking for moustache dye for? I haven't needed to ask for that, and am curious what it is for. Thanks!

09-02-12, 04:46 PM
It's for a goal.
If I remember correctly it was pretty rewarding and it needed a lot of moustache dye.

09-06-12, 01:01 PM
Any more info on this one? I dont want to buy 2 of everything to get to this quest but if it ends up giving me something sweet i might.


09-07-12, 07:46 AM
I think there was one goal that gave a few gems. The goals list the rewards. The goals that want you to buy two of the same useless shops are definitely not worth it, but maybe you need to do them to unlock other goals. I don't remember, it's too long ago.

09-07-12, 11:46 AM
Awesome. thanks for the help.

09-28-12, 01:50 AM
Last goal, rob at a frat party...
Get 5 gems and 8 energy iirc.