View Full Version : 2 days isn't 2 days

08-30-12, 05:08 AM
Started to construct tranquil pond and japanese garden simultaneously and both stated 2 days left before completion. Now Japanese garden has 16 hours left (meaning it will have taken well over 2 days) and tranquil pond has 9 hours!
Any reason? Or is this a bug?

08-30-12, 05:22 AM
2 days is 46 hours on the other TL games.

It could be a problem with your operating system. :p

In Farm Story, 36 hr crops/trees used to say they were 36 hours on both iOS and Android devices. Several months ago on iOS they started saying they were 2 days and it still does. TL posted that its an issue with the operting system. Yes, ridiculous. But this may be the same problem. Your iOS device apparently cannot tell time. :p

08-30-12, 01:29 PM
Yes I do have an iOS device! That's an utterly ridiculous response from TL though...surely if that were the case it's clock would always be wrong/out of sync? Hmm!... Anyway, thank you for the informative response :)