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08-27-12, 10:03 PM
is the game doesn't sync among devices through username?
When I change phone , the restaurant story has to start from level 1!

I don't want to play home design story and when change hp again I have to restart the game again :(

I am using iPad to play this game now, if possible I would like to use my phone to play too, provided if the game can be load instead of start from fresh level......

Can't storm ID allow ppl to login/log out with the username and password?
What is the storm ID for ? Just to add neighbour and to login forum?
Nowadays most ppl change devices quite often or they might holding on more than 2 devices at the same time, should be flexible enough to allow the game to load according to their username. I don't see the point to spend $$ buying gems as the items will be gone as soon as I change device.

08-28-12, 12:34 AM

You do not have to start over. These are instructions on how to transfer your account to another device.

kooky panda
08-28-12, 04:52 AM
There is no option to log off and on games so you can only play a game on one device at a time.