View Full Version : "Presents" on the floor

08-27-12, 04:20 AM
Hi, I can't seem to see any posts regarding this subject. Not sure if anyone has come across seeing random items on the floor I.e. a bunch of flower, love letter, ect. and each item worth 10 coins. I had it yesterday but after levelled up, it didn't happen again since then. Anyone has any ideas and can shed some light for me? Thank you.

kooky panda
08-27-12, 05:03 AM
I still have mine dropping. Try restarting your device. Is your door blocked to where people cannot come in?

08-27-12, 05:47 AM
Hi Hun, thanks for your reply. After posted this on here, I went back on the game after an hour and noticed that the items are back. Pretty sure I didn't block my door or do anything different since then though, maybe just a glitch. Thanks again.

08-28-12, 08:24 AM
I just noticed since yesterday, every time when I go visiting my neighbours, when I came back, the presents stopped dropping, maybe it's a glitch again? Also my furniture kept disappearing....

09-02-12, 09:41 AM
After shutting down the game in the multitask bar and restarting my iPhone presents are being left on my floor again. Yay! :D