View Full Version : Collecting "likes" from furniture with accessory

08-24-12, 05:37 PM
When I try to collect the little sparkely "like" from a piece of furniture that has an accessory (vase or teapot) on top of it, I get an error. It just won't let me pick it up, then it finally does but a few seconds later I get a processing error and the 20 coins are taken away and the "like" is back on the piece of furniture.

Also, I can't put my tea cup on my round dining table or kitchen counters.

08-24-12, 06:22 PM
Someone justed liked my dresser with a flower vase on it. I wasn't able to collect the like, so I moved the vase onto the floor. The like moved with the vase. Now I have a sparkling vase on the floor.

All my vases are on the floor or the kitchen counters. I would really like to be able to put flowers on my tables and counters... And still collect the likes.

08-25-12, 02:57 PM
I have the same problem with my kitchen island. I have to click ten times to collect it, then the screen refreshes and takes away 20 coins. I want all that $ back.