View Full Version : Business shops coin collection time shortened

08-22-12, 10:07 PM
Any of you notice it? TL is messing with this app. Few weeks ago Factory goods reduced to merely 25% and now businesses coin collection is shortened to less than an hour.

What's the rational of TL behind all these changes?

TL said this when goods was reduced: We continue to make adjustments to the game's economy and balance to ensure the prolonged quality of the game for both new and existing users.

08-22-12, 11:15 PM
This chang happened this morning, it messes up my rhythm totally!!!
Now I only can collect coins from the donut shop. Costs 10 goods and 1 energy every 5 minutes.(my four factories produce 400 goods per 2 hours), that means the donut shop costs 240 good and 24 energies per 2 hours.
Then use the left goods to supply the department store one time every 2 hours.and the left energies for collecting good from factories and homes.
If I collet from some other shops, energy and goods will out of very soon.
This change is tooooo strong!
I think every 30 minutes is a good balance.
Now I have to leave all the other stores alone, and the floating coins ruin the whole layout.

08-23-12, 01:24 AM
is there any way to increase the energy level abouve 30?

08-23-12, 03:57 AM
all stores except the skyview restaurant can go back in the box.
This actually makes your city more efficient; there's more room for homes and less waiting time on businesses.
However, the businesses made your city look nice and cozy.

The business times were halved before, then they were normal, and now they are 25%.
This means 15 minutes for the skyview instead of 60 minutes or 30 minutes.

The factory goods were never reduced to 25%, a while back they just changed them (for the worse.)
2 hour idea factory was crippled from 220 to 120, but 8 hour idea factory was kept the same. Greenhouse output was doubled from 50, 80 and 100 in 2, 4 and 8 hours to 100, 160 and 200 goods in 2, 4 and 8 hours. This change made the idea factory the worst of the industry, which is very weird since it is the most expensive one.

08-23-12, 09:23 AM
Several of my small businesses and smaller homes just went into storage this morning. As much as I'd like to keep them out I just can't handle all the little coin bubbles all over the place.

I'm not necessarily interested in making tons of money, I'd just like to build a nice, efficient, balanced city. I think they need to increase the available energy (something like 3-5 per level), or put the earning times back to something more reasonable.

08-23-12, 10:41 AM
My little red Victorian house now pays every 5 minutes. There's no way I'm wasting that much energy. They need to increase the energy requirement or get rid of it altogether.

08-23-12, 01:34 PM
Our maximum number of goods needs to be increased as well.

08-24-12, 11:21 AM
So this is what's happening. I was wondering why I was suddenly running out of goods fast when, before, I could have 12 hour and 8 hour production cycles on my factories and greenhouses and keep maxing out on goods. As soon as I put the departments store there (and what a beautiful building that is. There's no way I would box that one) I noticed I was running out of goods fast. The department store pays every 15 minutes. That's way too fast so it always has either a coin bubble or a goods bubble over it. It ruins the look of my city and like others have said, with 30 being the max energy there's no way you can get rid of all these bubbles.

08-27-12, 04:02 PM
Wow, they ruined a gem item just like that. The red victorian house was good (at least decent) at 120 money per energy click.
And now it is completely useless at only 20 money per energy click, worse than almost all other buildings.
I feel bad for the people who paid gems/money for this house.