View Full Version : Monster Weekly Update 8/23

08-22-12, 04:01 PM
No teasers yet. Hopefully we see some new items tomorrow.

08-22-12, 08:38 PM
MORE MONSTERS!!!!!! Please

08-22-12, 08:48 PM
I'm hoping there'll be more decor than monsters just for this week cuz I cant keep up. :p

08-23-12, 01:50 AM
I' m surprise when birdball evolution.

08-23-12, 06:27 AM
Aye, I too want more decorations. Even though tbh I probably would not place any since I like having 25 large habitats out makin me monies.

kooky panda
08-23-12, 01:04 PM
Breeding guide provided by DW: Check out new monsters. Here is our teaser !!


08-23-12, 01:17 PM
aww the pheonix is so cute!! do you know how many hours they take or any of the money values or if they are rare/common?

I'm stuck waiting on a shell lizard to hatch to be able to free up my den to try one of these. i hate not being able to buy gold so i can get a second nest in this game :( :( :(

kooky panda
08-23-12, 01:20 PM
This is the new monster coming out later today. No specs on it yet.

08-24-12, 12:32 PM
This is the new monster coming out later today. No specs on it yet.

Hi Kooky, are there any specs on the two new monsters Medusasaur and Phoenix yet?

08-24-12, 12:40 PM
Pheonix takes 12 hours to breed
Medusas air takes 18 hours to breed