View Full Version : Pets costing a lot more coins and gems.

08-21-12, 06:58 PM
I just cannot believe how much prices have raised from there original prices. Some have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled there original prices.:eek:

Not just gems either, coins to! I feel we should start an uproar against this. Maybe we can put them to there original prices.

I do not feel like spending 60 gems on 1 siberian cat, which does not do anything for you in real life.

And the border collie task no one will ever be able to complete without buying. TL If your listening, you should put the gems and coins back to there original prices.

Gemtraps make the game so much harder. I fell into one last week and lost all but 2 of my gems.

I was pondering over buying the English Mastiff, so I decided to sleep. Before turning it on, I decided to buy it. I go to the store and see everything has doubled in price. I now cannot afford the English Mastiff.

Has anyone fallen in a gem trap too, or outraged at this? Then speak up here!:mad:

08-22-12, 10:12 AM
Yes! It's ridiculous! They advertise a "free" game but in order to actually play the game following their goaks, it takes using gems for animals, which costs real money, which definately makes this an expensive game, not a free one. Like the goal in order to get a tree frog, all the animals needed to complete the goal take gems ( a LOT of gems) if you add it up. "Free" is just a sucker word to get your foot in the door. Goals & gem traps is dirty & underhanded & will eventually wind up loosing TL a lot of customers, not to mention respect. When it was under Storm8, they didn't cost as much and the customer service was kind & actually gave refunds when you made an accidental purchase. The changes lately are reflecting the dirty scheming that goes on behind the scenes at Team Lava.

08-22-12, 08:42 PM
Yes i am right now at the tree frog goal, but I'm definitely not buying any gems to complete it!

09-08-12, 05:50 PM
I am guessing they do not want to know how many people are angry at them for this. So they just ignore you. It really annoys me and i wish they could actually RESPOND to are posts. But NO they just pretend it never happened.:mad: