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08-21-12, 08:29 AM

I wanted to complete quickly the achievment of the j-dizzle album so i asked for my 182 friends to help me, it worked yesterday for my firestation built in less than 5 minutes but today no response for 6 hours.

I'm in my second day of playing so i'm sure my friends are active players. So is that possible that i asked too much friends and create a little "bug" ?

thanks for answers

(very sorry for my bad english i'm a french player).
(someone can say to me what time is it in his country ? (to check the difference and adapt my time play))

08-21-12, 09:20 AM
It's best not to send too many each day. Since only 20 neighbors per day can fill requests, try no sending to more then 25ish active neighbors. Sending too many requests can clog up your system, resulting in your neighbors not being able to fill them.

08-21-12, 09:24 AM
So i just have to wait till tomorow ?

08-21-12, 09:28 AM
Yes, wait for a day or two before sending requests again.

08-21-12, 09:35 AM
Thanks for the answer. Have a good day and gongratulation for the speed of the support :) (There is a [Fixed] to add to the title ?)

08-21-12, 09:40 AM
You're welcome :)

And no worries on the title - hopefully this thread can help others as well.