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Farmer TJ
06-19-10, 03:35 PM
First off, I have had a great time playing this game ever since I downloaded it to my Ipad a few weeks ago. With that said, I have played is so much there are a few items that would make game play more smooth, and then a few suggestions on some of the rules.

Neighbor List Information
I think that next to each neighbors name on your neighbor lists, you should include information about "remaining buckets you have for farm/plants without water" For example, if it said "10/45", I would know that I have 10 available buckets with 45 plants that are not watered.

At the very least, I think a color code or a symbol that shows you have maxed out your water at that farm for the day, or give me the option to place a check mark next to the name. After visiting all 200 neighbor farms, I never have the ability to remember which neighbors to revisit.

Scrolling Through Neighbors
One of the biggest pet peeves that wastes so much time is the fact that after I visit a couple farms, my neighbor list is refreshed to the top of the screen. I then have to scroll all the way back down and remember where I left off. If there was a simple way for the app to just go back to where we left off on the neighbor list, rather than have to scroll back down to the Z's. Or simply give a sort feature.

Status Update Message
In a few days I will be out of town for a week. I would like an option to have a status update on my farm showing that I will be gone. I want my neighbors to know that I will be gone, rather than them think that I have given up on helping on there farm.

Direct Tabs
Instead of going to the Main Menu, there should be direct tabs that are always on your screen that take you directly to "Your Neighbors" "Community" "Invite Friends", "Your Wall" and "News Feed" It saves a lot of different clicks, if I could just go directly to the page rather than bouncing around the menus.

Those are suggestions that will make the current game more efficient. However, I also had a few suggestions on some rule changes.

Watering Allows Plant to Blossom Faster
I think that a watered plant should blossom faster so that a farmer can harvest sooner. The plant would still wither the same time, so it would also expand the lifespan.

Neighbors Pick Almost Dead Crops
I also think that there should be window right before the plant is about to wilt that the farmer would only receive half the price if it was picked earlier. During that window, the neighbor could help by also picking (up to 10) for the farmer. The farm owner would still receive the half price as if he/she were doing the picking, but the neighbor would receive additional XP points and points that can be exchanged for gems/

3.) Cash for Gems: In addition to Gems for Cash, I would like to see Cash for Gems.

4.) Hazards: I would like to see hazards (tornadoes, rodents, thieves) that may harm a farm. In addition, a farmer could then purchase certain items that would help limit the chances from these hazards.

5.) Incentives to Build Other Items: Right now I have a hard time justifying buying a home or any item that doesn't earn me money. I think there should be incentives for people to build House, fences, etc. Examples may include: give you access to more crops, add experience points each time you plant, faster farming, etc.

Anyway, that is all I can think of now, but those have been the ones I have been thinking of the last few days.


06-19-10, 04:20 PM
I agree with all of these comments & suggestions. We desperately need a way of ensuring that active neighbours can be moved to the top of our list and those that are not watering can be removed! Those of us that have extensive neighbour lists want to remove the 'dead wood' to make way for 'new growth'...

06-19-10, 05:35 PM
Super suggestions!! Also what about farming machinery like tractors and milking sheds?

06-19-10, 07:14 PM
Support! It's a good suggestion.