View Full Version : New cost for long-aim boost

08-19-12, 02:12 PM
I love bubble popping games and I've enjoyed the challenging levels that TL has designed for this game. I have finished all levels and have been working toward getting three stars on all levels.

I have also always been a long time supporter of TL games and have loved the fact that they ARE free to play.

However, the recent change to make the long-aiming boost in Bubble Mania available for gems only infuriates me. The long-aiming boost is the only truly worthwhile boost in the game. There have been some levels which I could not finish without the help of the long-aiming boost. By making this boost a gem-only boost, you have effectively made the game a pay-for-play game.

My time playing this game has come to an end.

08-19-12, 04:08 PM
Yeah it's for gems sux .... I have past all the levels right now ...but I'm playing free also

08-20-12, 07:46 AM
the ever increasing long arrow boost for coins I am already not happy. Now that is for gems i am almost giving up this game altogether.

08-20-12, 08:22 AM
I thought it had changed. I was trying to save up for it so I could get past the next level. Guess I'll be calling it quits to now. I won't spend real money on this kind of game and with out that boost Itll be too hard to get past the level I'm on. Which is going to cause me to get bored of the game so might as well quit now and save myself the frustration.