View Full Version : Expansion problem

08-19-12, 10:42 AM
I expanded and its should be done and let me clear the space out but the space is still greyed out. Theres the yellow border lines surrounding it but why cant i use the space?

08-19-12, 10:44 AM
Oh nevermind i just pressed the expand button and it worked

08-21-12, 05:13 PM
I have an expansion problem. i have a tone of coins and am trying to expand. When I request the expansion, it will always show that I am 1-4 maps short. I presume this is so i will spend the gold. I request the maps from my 200 friends and nothing happens. Low and behold after 2 days i get exactly enough maps. As soon as that expansion is done and while im clearing the remaining trees and such I have accumulated enough coins to make another expansion and low and behold im 2 maps short again and the cycle repeats itself over and over.