View Full Version : Collecting Bonus left by neighbors

08-18-12, 08:17 PM
Okay, neighbors have visited me and some of my buildings are sparkling. How do I collect? In all other games, you just tap and you get the bonus, but every time I try to collect in this City game a box comes up saying I have to wait ____ hours to collect or I can speed up with gems. Soooo frustrating!!!!

08-19-12, 04:41 AM
You answered your own question. You wait ____ hours and then collect from your building and you get the bonus.
It's almost the same as in Pet Shop Story and Zoo Story 2, where you wait for your animals and when ready after ____ hours or minutes, you collect and you get the bonus hearts/sparkles.

08-19-12, 07:23 AM
I see, well in Dragon Story and Monster Story you don't have to wait for you habitat to be full of coins to collect the bonus. You just tap and you get the bonus. So, that's why I was confused. Doesn't matter anyway, I was not having fun with this game so I deleted it. But thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.