View Full Version : items that dont earn coins

06-19-10, 02:09 PM
this is what i dont understand what are the advantages of buying a fence or brick pavers,all that does is take away from your farming land.it needs to be that like if you buy an animal then you have to buy fence,hay etc. but why buy any of that stuff anyways cuz it dont make you any coins. every item bought should have an advantage for buying ,like silo helps you keep more grain on your farm ,so it could be like in real life the value of your crop could be different at different times of the game so if you went to sell crop and price was low then if you had silo you could store crop intill price went up.the more silos the more crops you could hang on to.need to have something neg in the game like you get bugs in your crop and you loose a portion of your crops or they are not always worth the same ,could have a random price for different grades of your crop.tractors could help you plow faster and harvest faster,the better the tractor the faster you plow and harvest.if you buy animals and have no fence or feed troths then your pigs could die or get loose etc...plant values dont make sense why would you plant a crop that takes four days to grow but you only get 500 coins but then a crop that takes 6 hours is worth 330 coins .you could plant that crop 4 times a day then for four days that comes out to 5280 coins so why do they even have that crop on the list ,that makes no sense for anyone to plant that crop.this game is fun but im at 20x20 so if there is no chance of getting my farm bigger then the game will get boring pretty quick thanks luv2farm and luv2farm2