View Full Version : Last update messed up my game

08-17-12, 08:11 PM
I'm using an iPhone 4. The last update in August 2012 messed up the game. The pointer for aiming the bubbles gets stuck and when you lift up your finger to try and get it to move, it shoots, messing up your game. A new shoot button was added in the update and I really don't like it because when you aim and then lift your finger to press the "shoot" button, sometimes the aiming line moves and messes up your shot. I liked it better when you aim, let go and it shoots. It was more accurate that way. These updates have completely ruined the fun of the game for me and my 4 year old. We don't play anymore because it's more frustrating than fun! Please fix these issues; we used to be addicted!

08-17-12, 08:15 PM
You can fix it in the settings button... On the lower right corner.....

I for one put it so I aim and the press shoot button... It's better for me and can strategize better that way

08-18-12, 02:07 PM
As sweetstuff pointed out, those options are stilll there depending on how you like to play. I don't see how the update is worse. It just added more options. If you don't like the option just switch it to the one you do like. If there is no option you like then please let us know or if you have a suggestion on how to make a certain option better.