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08-16-12, 03:04 AM
I've played the game a month ago and just read the forum, I found I need tripled price of pet or fun rooms and decorations!!! Can anyone help to explain why the price are tripled for my case?

This is TOTALLY UNFAIR!:mad: I needed to pay triple to purchase the rooms and decorations.

If Teamlava do not rectify the prices, I'm quitting the game for sure. It's no fun working triple as hard for the same profits.

Attached pics of my prices:

08-16-12, 03:07 AM
Prices of Pet Rooms & Fun Rooms

08-16-12, 05:25 AM
Wow your prices are high.

My Log Cabin is 6,2000
Golf Green 47,200
Roman Room 18,200

I guess the rest of the rooms you brought up are much higher as well.

If you browse forum threads in which people complained of this dramatic price difference you might find some quotes from TL staff saying something along the lines of these differences being beneficial for the game. How? We don't really know and they haven't bothered explaining.

I enjoy Pet Hotel but it's already expensive as it is because not only do you have to pay for a room, you have to pay more money just to have it built, and then sometimes wait 1-2 days before you can even make a profit from it. That's very unfortunate.

08-16-12, 05:31 AM
Here's a quote from a TL staff member taken from another thread

Changes to features or prices may occur as you continue to play the game. We continue to make adjustments to the game's economy and balance to ensure the prolonged quality of the game for both new and existing users.

08-16-12, 03:01 PM
Holy cow dude. I knew my version was more expensive than that of some in terms of gems and coins, but you sure got hit hard.

If you have any other iDevice, I recommend transferring your game to there in the hopes that the prices there are the cheaper ones, as it is COMPLETELY RANDOM whether you'll get regular or double/triple prices in your game, and differs from device to device. (I just have my iPad so there's no helping me.)

And yes, that "balance" line from TL has yet to valid-ify anything they're doing with prices there. Since altering the prices and not the gains is like telling one person they get to purchase a house for 100$, and telling another that it costs 10000$. It's TL's greatest weakness, imo, and the reason I delete all my games that I play for gem/gold goals only, after reaching the required level.

08-16-12, 09:39 PM
So lame. I have the same prices and it pisses me off.....

08-17-12, 02:55 PM

I had the same problem in Restaurant Story, and contacted Team Lava. (support@teamlava.com). After about a week, the prices on my recipes were changed to the lower prices.

My suggestion is to send them an email and continue to follow up with them. I firmly believe that you will get results. Just be persistent.

I know how frustrated you are at this moment, it takes all the fun out of the game. Keep pestering Team Lava.

08-18-12, 11:51 PM
Kijame:this for ur suggestion, I'm using iPad to play the pet hotel and don't want to play the game in iPhone.
Why I buy an iPad for a big screen but still need to play the game in a smaller screen device...

I feel angry about the Team Lava haven't give us to choose the difficulty of the game and didn't let the players to know there is a variation of prices of room between the players. And the prices differents are too large, 2x/3x…

08-23-12, 11:54 AM
I wrote to TeamLava about my frustrations over the triple costs of my rooms and received the most pathetic response. Ever. About to delete this game over this email reply alone.

(support email removed (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?15033-Do-not-post-Support-emails-in-the-forum))

08-24-12, 08:27 PM
It is so annoying that they won't let members quote TL from their emails. What is there to hide? Shouldn't TL stand by what they say? No wonder why half of my neighbors left the game. A one point I had over 128 neighbors. Love the game, but I hate the gamemakers.

08-28-12, 01:58 PM
I completely agree. I also just went to add a "baby" to the library room. Over 5 million coins! What the heck! It will take me a month to earn that much. Very frustrating, not fun and boring.

09-10-12, 11:53 AM
It's very frustrating. I don't understand how to make this game fun. It's so hard to expand and buy anything anymore.

09-11-12, 12:36 AM
New room price is high but old room still same price

09-12-12, 07:39 PM
It's very frustrating. I don't understand how to make this game fun. It's so hard to expand and buy anything anymore.

I agree! I just started and right when I really got into the game the price to expand is outrageous. It takes forever to get enough money to expand and then you have to spend all of your money to do so, to only add one or 2 rooms if your lucky. It's frustrating.

09-13-12, 07:47 PM
Hello, I have been on Level 50 since June and I am still there..no progress AT ALL, what is going on??? Also, all the pets room's and activity rooms are getting so expensive, a few millions dollars each, not to talk about I need 7.5 million just to expand..what a joke!? I''m going to give it up.

09-16-12, 11:49 AM
I agree. Why are we all stuck on level 50??? SOOOOO frustrating!

09-25-12, 02:18 PM
I've just deleted the game as its not fun anymore due to ridiculous costs of rooms and length of time everything takes to complete. I realise its not real money but the charges for rooms and decorating are insane!