View Full Version : Disappearing Monsters

08-15-12, 06:55 AM
Has anyone else had a monster disappear? I have an Infernoo that after evolving the first time disappeared. You can still see its shadow and when you click on the habitat it shows the profile and I can even switch habitats and it still only shows its shadow. If breed it and evolved it again and it still doesn't show up except as a shadow.

kooky panda
08-15-12, 10:30 AM
This has happened to me on Dragon Story. Try restarting your device.

08-15-12, 02:56 PM
Thanks Kooky Panda, but I did that right after it happened and I just did it again after reading your response and it's still only showing the shadow where the monster is suppose to be.

kooky panda
08-15-12, 03:53 PM
Try deleting the game and redownload it from the app store.
If you still see shadows please let me know .

08-15-12, 06:01 PM
Thanks. Deleting the game and reinstalling worked. Infernoo is back where he belongs.