View Full Version : Goals on other games to install monster story

08-12-12, 03:32 AM
Did you get these goals?

I only have one goal on Dragon Story to reach level 7 in Monster Story (because I had already installed the game), but a friend who hadn't installed the game got goals on 3 games to install the monster game and then to reach level 7... she got many gems for that!

Shouldn't these goals be the same for everyone?

Until now, even if I had a new game installed it would appear the goal to install and earn gems, but this time it didn't happen!!

08-12-12, 03:56 AM
I got the goals in Dragon, Farm, Bakery and Restaurant. Only other game I play is Fashion and I did not get the goal in Fashion.

I've also always gotten the goals even if I've already downloaded the game. You might try uninstalling Monster Story, opening your other Story games and see if the goal appears. Then go reinstall Monster and hopefully get the reward.

Otherwise maybe uninstall all your story games and reinstall them. Or contact support@teamlava.com, not that they will probably be much help.

08-12-12, 06:50 AM
I already tried that and also reinstalled all of the other games before reinstalling Monster... None of it worked!
Thanks for the tips anyway.

kooky panda
08-12-12, 09:18 AM
The goals come out to random games. I have not yet gotten any of the monster story goals on my device.