View Full Version : Not getting quests and no messages

08-11-12, 09:14 PM
Not getting quests. When and what level do they come.?.

08-12-12, 06:55 AM
You should try to restart your device, and if that doesn't work, delete dragon story, then re-install it, and if that doesn't work, well, you should ask a moderator or something, and for the message problem, it might be that your have to still be "descoverd", if you are quite famous, but your wall is empty, I can't help you, you must be advised from somebody else.

08-12-12, 04:05 PM
Hi :) Thank you for your reply. I have to restart it at time due to the fact everytime I buy something imy screen turns blue and then I have to turn off :) I have uninstalled it twice :) I am getting message now but I do not know of any quests. I play on a Kindle Fire. I have a email to support already havn't heard back yet :) If I may ask what do you mean I have to descoverd?

08-12-12, 04:13 PM
Kindle Fire users don't have quests/goals at the moment