View Full Version : This is not a hate message

08-09-12, 06:03 PM

I've been a loyal customer ever since you launched restaurant story,
I have been playing bakery restaurant night club and now city story metro,
I still enjoy playing it....
As a loyal customer,can you please forward my suggestion to the game designer?
This is getting on my nerves and I feel I'm not playing it for fun anymore,
City story metro is constantly changing too much!
The updates are always making the game worse,
I built buildings and houses only to find that teamlava changed the time of collection!
Please do not do that anymore!!! I really really don't like it when the price and time change without letting us know! I try to build things that gives me the most profit and would allow me to collect money when I'm free, all this changes is making me feel unhappy.
I don't want to play a game that only gives me regret and frustration...
Please teamlava let us enjoy the game without having to be so upset all the time.
I love the games teamlava provide us but if these "updates" keeps going on like this,
I will have no choice but to stop playing :(

kooky panda
08-09-12, 06:15 PM
Come post on the main thread so we can keep all the feedback together .