View Full Version : City metro game is ruined

08-09-12, 04:28 PM
When TL changed the factories two days ago and lowered the amount of goods we get, they RUINED the game. It is not fun to play now. Waiting hours for goods and then only being able to supply a few businesses and leaving others empty....and waiting hours again...is frustrating and ruining the game.

Lots of players are complaining in the game and are leaving over this change.

TL needs to change the factories back how they were so we can enjoy this game again! If not, I'll be leaving, too.

08-09-12, 04:37 PM
They ruined the game for me when they increased my prices!!!!

I was complaining when I heard of Metro! It replaced City Story!!! I dont even know why I play the game!

kooky panda
08-09-12, 05:12 PM
Come post on the main thread so we can keep all the feedback together .