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Ninja Toast
06-18-10, 11:50 PM
Ok, first off, some things aren't worth making. Animals, no profit, or maybe a little after 10 billion years. Trees, better value, look nicer than animals, but you need some new, more expensive trees that look cool xD.

Here are some Idea's:

1. Need vehicles that you pay for with coins that plow, plant and harvest your whole farm.
2. Houses, barns, and other decor's like that should give you some sort of boost.
3. Keep updating those new plants! What about papaya? What about Herbs like basil or mint? What about a good pay and high level fruit like the New Zealand Dragon-Fruit? What about pickles xD?
4. You need to make some other way to get gems beside paying. I think I spent around 25$ on those gems, now I feel like a complete idiot I bought them. Maybe 1,2, or 5 per level up?
5. You should be able to give your friends gold! Maybe gifts or something! Like if you send a friend a gift, the gift you buy is 25% off?

Thats all the Idea's I came up with in like 8 minutes xD! Thanks! Hope you apply some of these things to FarmStory, Lavateam! Thanks again! Sincerely, Ninja Toast Add me :D!! -> Ninja Toast

06-19-10, 06:09 AM
When you enter a farm and you can't water anything (either you ran out of water or, they ran out of flowers to water) then a message should pop up on the screen saying "nothing to water" or "you ran out of water" or something along the lines. Anybody agree?

06-19-10, 06:16 AM
Good ideas but here's one to add to the tractor..... Instead of paying per harvest it could has different sized tractors for let's say 10x10 crops or 5x5 crops etc. If not that idea then you could just buy a tractor and use it whenever you like.

06-19-10, 03:51 PM
On the neighbors screen I would love to see an icon showing how many more times you can water them for the day, it would help to go back later if they had nothing to water earlier.

A watering can would be a nice item to buy that would increase your watering capacity for your neighbors by a certain amount.

An option to mass plow, or mass plant available plots would be a great addition