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kooky panda
08-07-12, 01:26 PM
What new items and or themes would you like to see in City Metro?

08-07-12, 10:26 PM
Pyramids? Pet store?
But what I really want is up the max lvl and no energy...30 is too little it should be like CS no energy required...
I hate waiting:(

08-08-12, 10:26 AM
Tokyo Tower ? Petronas Twin Tower ? London Big Ben ?
Bakery Shop ? Game Shop ? Casino ? Theme Park ?
These Are My Suggestion ~
Hope These Will Available :D

08-08-12, 11:33 PM
how about give us back the Idea Factory with 220 Goods for 2 hours first? Otherwise it's totally useless

08-08-12, 11:49 PM
My idea factory ONLY makes 120 goods in TWO HOURS!!! So I use greenhouses now, i have to collect goods every 3min cuz my store needs goods to operate, but I don't have UNLIMITED energy, TL!!!!!
SO now my city , NO GOODS, NO ENERGY, NO MONEY!!!! What kind of game is like this RIDICULOUS?!!!!!

08-09-12, 12:01 AM
yeah the updated system really sucks. I did enjoy it before the Idea factory became crippled, as it was more fun and better-paced than Mytown2. Now I am going back to Booyah

08-09-12, 03:40 PM
I suggest my prices look like everyone else. My water is water just like your water.

08-12-12, 05:44 AM
I suggest dropping or radically altering the energy system.
With only +20 energy in an hour, I am unable to collect from most buildings, and they look ugly with the coin floating above them.
I already put all grandiose houses, apartments, posh flats and most shops into storage, and now victorian. houses and condo highrises are becoming useless as well

08-12-12, 06:39 PM
I would like to see the Gateway Arch (St. Louis, Mo -- my hometown).

08-13-12, 05:05 AM
I would love to see a airport and expand into water with ships too would be great!

08-13-12, 10:55 AM
I would like to send and receive gifts.

08-13-12, 11:53 AM
I should add that the perfect gift for this game would be energy!

08-14-12, 02:15 AM
I want a harbor and a quay, more decorations, gifts to send as in Bakery Story. Large squares, and no-drive but shop areas.

More shops: Butcher, Bakery, Sweet Shop, Bookshop, open-air museum or something.

I'd like you can walk with your caracter by aother men cities.

I would also like to see more types of cars / people drive / walk through the city.
That people walk into stores.
And if you have a police agency, that there are police cars driving. (by al the stories)

08-14-12, 05:31 AM
1. Want the factories rolled back to what they were.
2. Schools/Universities so that my Frat house has a purpose.
3. Would like to see some City Cash items from the original CS implemented in CSM as coin purchase items and not Gem purchase items to give us a chance to buy things in CSM that isn't in CS without using City Cash.
4. Would like a higher Energy cap at higher levels.
5. More community items with bigger population caps.

08-14-12, 06:26 AM
I think an idea to help with the energy regeneration could be when you buy the solar farms, wind farms a % or so will help get you energy faster build more energy source makes energy better..makes sense to me!!

08-15-12, 03:39 PM
We need metro...,Isn't this what the name the game is?

08-17-12, 06:12 PM
I accidentally hit a tree and chopped it once (out of five)

Now it constantly says 1/5 over it

How about making it that if you don't finish chopping it after 24 hours, it reverts back to unchopped?


08-19-12, 04:45 PM
Higher energy levels. Please

08-21-12, 08:00 AM
You re right! No use if we often play this game, there is no energy to use

08-21-12, 03:57 PM
How about simply moving the "speed up for XXXgems" away from the close window button. Perhaps make a confirmation before spending gems as well as it is VERY frusterating spending gems when you dont want to.


08-21-12, 05:17 PM
A big issue is that a lot of the buildings are completely useless but actually look kind of cool. If there was a way to remove the coin/goods icon from the buildings you could still have them in your city for looks but not have to click on them or have the annoying icon on top.

Another issue is that with the limited number of clicks you get making cash to buy the wonders is going to take beyond forever (other places in the forum list $30k per day as the number that you can make). Unless something changes I just can't see playing a game for 30 days just to buy 1 item and not purchase anything else. The economy seems way out of whack.

As far as new features how about the golden gate bridge? Would look pretty cool hanging out over the ocean.

08-21-12, 07:36 PM
Hi - thanks for asking for suggestions!

Ideas for types of buildings:
1) Community buildings: Schools, Universities or colleges, court house,doctor's office, dentist office, lawyer's office, airport, a city metro/subway or train system with train tracks to place around town
2) Businesses: Grocery store or farm stand, bakery, flower shop, gym, pizza place, music/record store, quilt shop, furniture store, real estate office, ATM, sandwich shop, candy store, appliance store, butcher shop, pet store

Ideas to improve the game:
1) Increase energy cap at higher levels - I think by adding a solar system or wind farm that should increase your energy cap with each purchase.

08-21-12, 11:55 PM
Excellent idea.

08-22-12, 12:15 AM
I know Its just a game and all but i hate pollution and stuff like that. I dont think there should be a industrial plant or factories- or rather anything that will hurt the enviroment. If you wouldnt cause pollution in real life i dont see why you would in a game. I hope you understand!

08-22-12, 01:04 AM
So you mean there should be Eco theme?
Here's my suggest theme:Natural Theme
Decoration:Sparonia tree,Wood Fence,Tree of Life(Produce only energy)
Bussiness:Sandwich Cabin,Florist,Forest Inn
Home:Forest Cabin,Tree House
Community:Recycle Center,Water Power Generator

08-22-12, 09:54 PM
Edit:It's seqonia tree.

08-23-12, 07:14 AM
Is 30 the highest for energy ?? Can't there be more ?? And I ve looked around .. Seem like most of us just get stuck at level 30 .

08-23-12, 08:47 AM
How about an "Inactive" button where you could deactivate the earning feature of a building. That way you could still keep the buildings in your city to make it look good or utilize the population but you wouldn't have to deal with the god awful floating box above the buildings.

08-23-12, 08:57 AM
How about an "Inactive" button where you could deactivate the earning feature of a building. That way you could still keep the buildings in your city to make it look good or utilize the population but you wouldn't have to deal with the god awful floating box above the buildings.

I like this idea.

08-23-12, 09:38 AM
I second this idea.

I should add that the perfect gift for this game would be energy!

08-24-12, 02:40 PM
And the windmill farm and solar board sometimes don't give you energy... But the police those !!!

08-25-12, 01:33 AM
please add:

1) other street patterns besides road: such as some lane with tall trees, etc. I wanna some relaxing-style streets for my villas area !!
2) beach, which i can put between water area in map and my building section.
3) and, parking garage (in category of business or homes)

extremely in eager of these !!!! thank you =)

08-25-12, 09:59 AM
Get rid of the energy. All the other TL games that don't have this restrictive feature are becoming way more fun for me. I feel like a slave playing this game. If we weren't restricted by this unchangeable, annoying feature we could grow our money and build more extravagant cities as our levels go up and feel like we've achieved something instead of constantly yearning for it.

08-26-12, 04:54 PM
oh and add pier as well !
I did put some water to create an island, but it's weird that there's no pier :p

08-28-12, 03:43 AM
Whats the go with level 30? Is that it?

08-29-12, 03:04 PM
How abt tiles to create paved areas?

08-29-12, 04:16 PM

08-30-12, 06:01 PM
Beach house, pool, mall, Pizza shop, niagara falls, Dubai tower, football stadium , marina Would all be cool

08-30-12, 06:11 PM
Niagara falls then at night have changing colored lights on the falls like they really are

09-02-12, 11:14 AM
As you get higher levels, and you want to expand your city, having six industrial plants max plus the energy cap of 30 is very limiting. My suggestion would be that if you want people to continue to be interested in the game increase the energy cap and the levels increase (or decrease the time needed to regenerate energy), and increase the max number of industrial plants to have. There are so many interesting businesses I would like to have in my city, but it isn't feasible with the current limitations.

09-03-12, 09:10 AM
More energy level moved up.....30 is not enough!!!

09-03-12, 11:04 AM
What about a roundabout? I would also love to see a bus station/bus stops, train system, airport, golf course, gym, a wind farm, swimming pool, hostel, hotel, tourist information center, city sightseeing tours, watersport facilities, beach resorts, a pier, a book store and a garden/DIY store. And that's just what was top of mind...TBC!