View Full Version : Gem animals went up more than 50%

08-04-12, 04:50 AM
Why did the gem price of animals that cost gems go up so much? Some animals have gone up in gem price as much as 70% OR MORE this is just absurd!!!
I buy gems often to get animals and to crossbreed but this inflation has made it quite a bit frustrating. COME ON TEAM LAVA this is supposed to be a fun game not a game that will break the bank!
There are probably more people that can't afford this which means a loss for you. It's only logical that you lower the gem animals at least back to what it used to be so that this game remains fun and affordable!!
Example: my daughter bought a Sand Cat last week for 24 gems......now it costs 96 gems!! This is just one of the many that have gone up so much.
And this has happened on the other Stories as well.

08-04-12, 08:55 AM
I guess maybe not many people are buying gem animals so they figured to hike the price up ... For those who will pay any price ... Make up $$$ for those who don't

I don't buy gem animals

08-05-12, 10:44 PM
Come on Team Lava can we get an explanation for this please?????

08-06-12, 03:40 PM
Note TeamLava is currently offering a "50% more gems" sales instead of the 20%/ 30% off sale that has been popping up for the past month or so. (At least I've been getting these promotions on my droid everytime I load bakery story, restaurant story and zoo story 2.) I would guess that they increase the number of gems for items/ animals to compensate for the reduction in gem price during sales. So players think they are getting a bargain, but the jokes on us!!

08-07-12, 02:56 AM
I have never gotten more than 29% sale discount and my old game on my iPod never got an offer at all. Team Lava should make these offers available to all who play and not just random ones!!!!!

08-09-12, 12:41 AM
I just noticed that most of the gem priced animals have gone back to the normal gem price. Thank you Team Lava now we can continue to have fun with buying gems!!