View Full Version : No quests and no messages

08-04-12, 12:51 AM
I've played on my Ipad for some time. There I have had a lot of quests and I could see if somebody played with my dragons. Now my Ipad is broken and I play with my mobile phone (Android).

The game is very new there I think.

If someone play I can't see this, if I he/she don't write on my wall.

And I have no quest. The first quest was there (I guess to finish a habitat or something). After this quest there came nothing new.

08-07-12, 01:46 AM
happens sometimes, but was your only quest?

08-07-12, 02:44 PM
I have the same problem with Android, and yes the first quest shows up and then no quests whatsoever, that includes the quest book not being there at all

08-08-12, 12:51 PM
Good News, the message board and quests appear to be working in the update released today for Android.

The issue with having to return to your Home Island to return to your wall has not been corrected yet however.