View Full Version : Freezes and takes my money.

08-03-12, 07:56 AM
Lately, after I finish a goal, it freezes. When it unfreezes, all of my money that I received from what I did before it froze is gone. But also, the goal is gone too.

08-03-12, 08:00 AM
Sorry, it said the database had an error. I didn't know it posted it. So I posted it again. I have an iPod generation 4

08-03-12, 08:05 AM
Now the goals and the clipboard book goal thingy are gone completely!

kooky panda
08-03-12, 08:28 AM
We had a bit of a snag with the Goals from our end. :(

We had to take them down temporarily, but they should be back soon. And your progress should be saved.