View Full Version : Cannot Complete family garden quest even though soulmate is there

08-02-12, 09:27 AM
Hi I'm on new IPad os 5.1. Found my first very annoying bug..I'm trying to complete the family garden quest which requires topiary garden (bison). I have the room and credit for the baby but no check for the soulmate. I can't progress with the quest at all. Please help! Deleting the room or getting another is not an appropriate response.. The room cost me 1.45million soulmate and baby probably another 3million.. Please can you correct my game!

08-03-12, 10:59 AM
If you received the quest after you already had the soul mate but before the baby, then you will need to get another room as the quests are NOT retro active. If you had the quest before you bought the room or soul mate, then contact our customer support at support@teamlava.com