View Full Version : Pet Hotel Weekly Updates 8-2-12

kooky panda
08-01-12, 02:16 PM
If you see new items this week, come post.

08-02-12, 04:00 PM
New Items this Week:

Nap Room (Tibetan Mastiff): Costs 98 gems, makes 1300 coins every 12 hours
Craft Room: Costs 3300 coins, makes 800 coins every 30 minutes
Ice Cream Parlor: Costs 49 gems, makes 1000 coins every 3 hours

08-03-12, 01:05 AM
I like the nap room but it doesnt really earn coins :(

08-06-12, 05:13 PM
I totally thought the Craft Room was a Fun Room, and for a couple hours I didn't notice I got a Zebra... that room was fast and cheap to complete though :D Instant magic!