View Full Version : Cannot send parts to neighbors, no gift button

08-01-12, 02:40 AM
Device ios5.1.1. iPad 2. Game version 1.0.1. I already reached level 25, but the game only allow me to request parts from neighbor but not sending parts to my neighbor who sends request to me. No gift button to send parts to others. The prob started from about level 8 or 10, pl fix it. And there is no goal list yet, is that normal?

kooky panda
08-01-12, 05:05 AM
This game does not have an option to gift neighbors.

08-02-12, 04:26 PM
If I cannot gift, how to send parts that neighbor request? I cannot find any way to send parts to others

08-02-12, 04:36 PM
If you press "accept" when they send you a request, it gets sent to them.