View Full Version : Need level 35 help

07-31-12, 09:05 AM
Ive been playing this same level for more than a week & can't get past it please help

07-31-12, 03:59 PM
Hi. It can be done without buying the antidote but it is much easier if you buy it that way you can pop the first zapper bubble without losing all of your bubbles.

08-07-12, 09:17 AM
I need help with level 35 too.

08-20-12, 07:10 AM
i bought the antidote then could get past these levels.

10-05-12, 04:34 AM
Me too super stuck

10-05-12, 04:43 AM
I tried the antidote cant see how it helps, i need to reach the lightening thingy ball to make the row disappear more, the first row of poison bubbles is behind the black blockers so not useful! Hmmm not understanding and frustrated.

10-08-12, 02:05 PM
Can someone explain please i am still stuck, cant seem to get pass it at all!