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06-18-10, 09:27 AM
First of all great game, one of my favourites and usually very smooth gameplay (apart from the current crashing while watering neighbours - mentioned in another thread)

What I would like to see implemented would be to show the star ratings of my neighbours.
It is shown on the community tab but otherwise we have no idea how good our current neighbours are.
I currently have 52 neighbours which can be time consuming to visit each of them every day (as I try to do) but I know of a few (after seeing that I am the only one posting on their wall) that they don't help anyone out so others have stopped watering them too. Unfortunately there is no option to remove neighbours (not that I know of anyway) this would be another nice feature to be added. But it would be very good to be able to see their star record (or even better, a time since they last watered you).

Sorry if this may seem selfish to anyone else but I don't feel like watering someones farm everyday that is not helping out myself (and others) I would rather delete and find a better neighbour.
That also depends on how many neighbours you need in further stages of the game, I'll be quite happy to bypass the zero stars as I'm going through the list of neighbours to water.

06-18-10, 10:23 PM
I really so enjoy this game and I haven't had any problems with it at all. I would just like to be able to dump the neighbors who have obviously quit playing. I only have 55 neighbors and it takes me forever to go through them and half of them are empty or have been withered for days. I think it would also be good if you could set it up so if a neighbor waters me they get sent to the top of the neighbors list. That would make things way easier and help me because I water my neighbors faithfully. Hope you can help us serious players out. Thanks

06-18-10, 11:35 PM
The biggest problem for me is scrolling through my neighbours list (80 odd now). I would be happy if just my place in the list was saved for me each time through instead of having to remember where I was up to. It does appear to do this sometimes (when I don't need to water a neighbour), so I would think it must be a simple fix.

Next highest priority would be to be able to delete neighbours that don't play anymore - they just slow me down in getting through the list.

06-19-10, 09:40 AM
It would be so awesome to be able to delete neighbors who don't water or water back. I have over 130 neighbors and I only have about 15 to 20 who actually water or water back when I water them. Please add a delete option.


06-19-10, 04:23 PM
I agree with being able to delete neighbours. I have 186 so far and only about 35 water me regularly in exchange for me going through the list religiously every day! I also have two players that I have invited (but haven't accepted me) who have been sitting in no mans land under 'pending' for weeks which I would like to remove.

I would also like to see players being able to harvest neighbours crops if they are due to expire. So many times I have been in to water neighbours and you can see their crops are ready and I go back later and the same crops are dead. Perhaps in the last 10% of time that they have before dying??

06-21-10, 10:21 AM
It would be so awesome to be able to delete neighbors who don't water or water back. I have over 130 neighbors and I only have about 15 to 20 who actually water or water back when I water them. Please add a delete option.


i am in agreement with providing the ability to delete "dead" neighbors for all the reasons provided. i would also like the ability to view folks who have invited me to be their neighbor. it's frustrating to accept only to find they have dead crops! they are now clogging up my list and adding wasted time to help those who are dedicated and water regularly.

PLEASE - this is obviously a big issue with many folks!

06-22-10, 06:41 PM
I have 600 neighbors so if I go visit any of them they'll get 10 drops. No problem. What woul be nice is to be able to sort by most visits ofneighbors and also by alphabetical like Goto A's or Goto M's. I can't wTer everyone and I know theycant water me all the time. That's no problem but the scrolling always starting at A is time consuming

06-23-10, 03:35 AM
I have more than 250 neighbours it was rather time consuming if every time I have to scroll from A onwards.

06-24-10, 09:28 PM
I agree with all of the issues with idle neighbors. The sort option mentioned earlier is intriguing. As is the neighbor ranking idea.