View Full Version : Stop time outs please

07-27-12, 09:04 PM
This is a fun game but why does it need to regenerate after a few tries. This is very frustrating. If I want to play for a long time I don't want team lava telling me I can't.

07-28-12, 07:08 PM
Try uninstalling and reinstalling your game from the app store and restarting your device. Be sure you are on a strong Wi-Fi connection or a full cellular connection. If you keep having issues please contact our customer support@teamlava.com

07-31-12, 09:16 AM
Are you referring to the energy? If so I've grown tired of waiting to. I haven't played it in a couple of weeks. I didn't mind it at first but it soon became boring having to wait for the energy to fill up to play again. It's why I don't play city metro after trying it for 5 minutes (that's literally as long as I could play it when I ran out of energy) cause it was to slow and boring.