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07-25-12, 07:51 AM
I've been playing dragon story for about a month so I'm admittedly a noob. I'd like to stay with this game to interact with some RL friends who play this all the time. I play on an iPhone4 iOS 5.1.1, DS v 1.0.3

I have 2 main sources of frustration and a few minor sources with this game currently:

1) the lag - it is extremely frustrating to be farming gold/money only to have a lag in there server which puts you back 5-10 minutes and you have to repeat your steps all over again. Some days I feel like I am getting carpal tunnel just planting food at the farms only to have it repeatedly loop back to a time when I had less money/gold/food. This happens daily, some days worse than others. There was even a time when I was trying to complete a goal (sorry don't remember the goal name) where I had to feed a dragon as one of the steps. I fed that dragon and credit, completed the goal and it looped back at least 4 times to a point where that goal was unfilled and I still had to feed the dragon (which at that point was 500G for me). This doesn't happen in any other game or app I have on the device and does not seem to be related to my signal strength as the times when it is the worst I am sitting still in a place with great internet access.

2) The pop up adds and goals for your other games are a bit excessive. Don't get me wrong. I like the fact that its a free game and I know and respect your need to advertise. The pop ups seem to hijack the game and frequently happen in the proximity of these above mentioned server lags that cause me so much consternation. I know that you want to sell your games but even when I have a game on my device (I tried downloading one just to get the popups to stop) it doesn't stop it from popping up on my device. The hot air balloon/boat advertisement is great. I could do without (but I can live with) the icon that appears above the menu icon. But the constant popups and the fact that there seems to be an unending list of these as island goals is a bit much. The island goals do not disappear in spite of the timer and frankly there is no bonus for downloading the game. Give us some nominal amount of gold to download and play the new game. And please let the goals expire AND GO AWAY.

Minor frustrations:

1) What is up with the crops for the farm???? Impruberries provice apples at 5 coins each, buffbeets at 6 coins each, Firapples at 13 coins each, pumpwings at 14.22 each, eliteleeks at 16.92 each and scalypears at 18.57 each. Obviously the most cost effective way (especially considering the cost of expanding increases so rapidly) of farming gold is to plant a ton of impruberries, but planting those impruberries will surely give me carpal tunnel at that rate. It takes 8700 apples to level a single dragon from level 7 to level 10. That requires 1450 individual plantings of impruberries at a cost of $43,500 and most than 2 hours of nonstop planting- assuming 6 farms. To do 13 plantings of scalypears it would take $161,571 and more than 2 full days (almost 4 times the cost and 40 times the waiting period). I would have expected a balance of time vs cost from a game to make this more challenging. For example you can get more apples for a cheaper per apple price if you wait a longer time. If you want them quicker, you pay a higher cost. All that happens now is that I get annoyed repetitively planting and replanting impruberries to save both time and money at the cost of me losing interest in playing your game. Just my 2 cents.

2)The gold is too hard to come by for lofty prices as 250G for a 2nd nest and 1G per 5mins for an expansion. You limit me to 3 gold gifts per day there is no guarantee that in spite of my gift, I'll get it back. I give my gold out everyday but I have never to my recollection received three pieces in return. Increase the daily gift limit, lower the gold cost on items (especially new nests and expansions), or better yet: do both!

I really like your game, but I want to play games that are more fun than work and yours is leaning toward work right now.


07-27-12, 03:08 PM
less money, less wait time, allow dragons to be sold for what their worth. Thats the what I see needs to be changed. These people are making it a lifestyle not a game. I will not ever join or download another of their titles. Think about it, its entertaining but in the long run team lava is getting rich and we have nothing??? Change the experience before you drive everyone away.