View Full Version : Can't connect?

07-24-12, 08:23 PM
It says no Internet connection, but the connections fine in my other story games. What's wrong? :confused:

07-24-12, 09:05 PM
I am having the same problem. My other games are working again but CM will not let me in. Sometimes I get the connection message, other times it just closes.

07-24-12, 09:14 PM
Ugh mine just force closes what is this :/

07-24-12, 09:35 PM
Same here. I have written in the Bugs section, so hopefully they will fix it soon. Been hours now.

07-24-12, 09:42 PM
From a Customer Service point of view, it sure would be nice for players to be compensated with some extra gems/gold etc for the numerous "technical difficulties" and game interruptions we've had to endure the past week or two.

You just need to look under Current Bugs and Tech Issues to see the number of problems. Makes it very hard to enjoy the gameplay, and more reluctant to download the new games (City Story, World War etc) even if they do make up current goals.

07-24-12, 09:46 PM
After system maintenance ended a short while ago, I got several force closes. I deleted and reinstalled. It works fine now.

07-24-12, 10:18 PM
The account issues you guys may have experienced in any to all of your games should have been resolved around 8:30pm PDT. Please restart your device and try to access your games. If you are still experiencing account issues after restarting your device, please post any additional details in THIS THREAD (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?32388-Account-Issues-With-All-TeamLava-Games). Any additional information you can provide would be helpful, such as the error message you see or if the game still doesn't display your account, but someone else's, and which game you attempted to log into.

Please also send an email to support (support@teamlava.com) so we can investigate your account for any remaining issues you may be experiencing. I am locking this thread so we can redirect all of you to the main announcement thread where we can focus and gather details for anyone still experiencing issues. Thank you for your patience!