View Full Version : Goal list dissappeared, no gift button

07-24-12, 04:10 PM
My device: ios5.1.1 ipad2. My I'd:babbabi1437. City story Game version 1.0 Goal board dissappeared at very early time, I reported it but I am at level 19 now, goal board still not been back. And No gift button at all to send gift to my neighbers. Please fix it.

07-24-12, 04:19 PM
If you don't have any more goals, it's likely that you have already completed all of the available goals. The option to gift your neighbors is not available at this time. You can request items and accept their friends to send them parts they requested.

07-26-12, 04:52 PM
No goal list from level 5 to 19, that is normal? And I cannot send the parts that neighbour request. No gift button to send parts to my neighbors after reaching level 5 or 8. Thx