View Full Version : No gifting?!

07-23-12, 01:37 PM
How come we can not gift neighbors?

07-24-12, 02:46 PM
It is not possible to gift Neighbors at this time, but you can request parts from them or accept their part requests!

08-17-12, 06:07 PM
Fine with me. Gifting has become stupid in bakery. I have like 30,000 brownies.

08-18-12, 02:43 AM
Then sell them to your customers.
I have 999 bananas in Zoo Story 2

08-20-12, 03:05 PM
Is the gifting issue still going on? I noticed this posting and I can't send gifts and I can't send requests for materials. Not sure if it's just me or something with the game.

08-20-12, 05:00 PM
You can request materials. For instance when you need things for community buildings, or permits for expansion.
It takes a while for the other player to receive your request, sometimes even a day.

08-20-12, 10:48 PM
I like not having to worry about gifting in this game. It does become a bit of a chore.

Those brownies in BS wouldnt be worth me putting out to sell, as they only sell for 1 coin per serve and will actually cost me money as less of my high profit food will sell in a day ;-)

08-21-12, 06:22 AM
I also like not having to gift a sometimes pretty useless item to hundreds of neighbors daily.
However, I would have liked to option to give gems/gold to a few select (3) people like in hotel or dragon story.