View Full Version : Bonus T-2 Game Freeze - Possible Fix

07-22-12, 02:37 PM
Hello all, I just managed to complete T-2 without it freezing on me. I don't know which of these steps was what ended up fixing it, but here is the order that I did it in since the last time I tried:

- Replayed T-1. This time it gave me a different layout, actually very similar to T-2.
- Immediately after completing T-1, went to T-2 with the pop-up level selection screen (the one that comes up immediately after you complete a level)
- Played through T-2 until the very last baby. As many of the babies are popped near the end, I didn't know if the amount of wandering babies perhaps had something to do with the freezing, so I let the game sit for about 2 minutes and half of the babies wandered off, leaving only 6 at the bottom.
- Popped the last baby (which for me was an orange cluster on the left).

Instead of freezing, it awarded me with 15 Gems and some coins. I apologize that I didn't have a better control group, so I'm not sure which of these things above made the difference. I also recently beat level 72 as well, which is likely not associated with T-2 freezing, but who knows. It's also possible TeamLava fixed this.

Let me know if this worked for anyone else or if people are able to complete T-2 now without doing this. If you are able to complete it without doing any of this... don't bother reading this. Too late now though probably, yeah? =P