View Full Version : we need to double expansion

07-20-12, 07:41 AM
i feel that waiting too long for expansions is not cool especially when some rooms take the space up fast i think that if TL could double expansion size this would make the game better and i just bought gems and look i like this game and i want this game to improve and get better:D

07-20-12, 12:54 PM
Completely agree with you there. The expansion size remains the same but the coins needed continue to rise. For my next expansion, it's going to cost me 9,000,000 coins and 36 reservations but it's still the same size square :( And will have to wait 3 days before it gets done :(

07-21-12, 07:25 AM
Agree that the waiting time is kinda sucks ... Not to mention very ex as well :(